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This month SBFA is pleased to offer several new editions in our ART FOR KIDS series. These playful, imaginative and colorful works on paper by renowned artists such as Marcel Dzama, Polly Apfelbaum, Yoshimoto Nara and Takashi Murakami will brighten up your child's playroom, bedroom or study and add inspiration to your home for the whole family. Inspired by a recent trip to the Okayama Prefecture Museum to see Japanese author and artist, Gomi Taro's exhibition of children's drawings with my own three year old son, I thought it would be wonderful to put together a small collection of well-priced, easily collectable, contemporary artworks dedicated to the little ones in our lives.

Growing up, the paintings and prints that my mother hung around the house were always a source of inspiration for me, and a book that my grandmother gave me when I was just seven years old called "Picasso for Children" was what started my own life-long love of art. It is never too early to cultivate art appreciation in our children and this is easily accomplished with educational family trips to museums and art exhibits, by providing a growing library of visually compelling books, and best of all, by hanging inspiring and imaginative artworks in your very own home for everyone to enjoy. Whether they are original paintings, prints or posters - it doesn't matter, the important thing is to provide our children with visual stimulation for their developing imaginations.

SBFA is pleased to offer this wonderful new selection of artwork that will provide enjoyment for all and cultivate a lifelong appreciation of art. We are also pleased to announce the inclusion of two new artists from Hong Kong, Alex Heung and Carol Lee Mei-Kuen, whose original works on paper are being offered exclusively at SBFA for a limited time only.

Please go to our Special Offers Page to see our ART FOR KIDS offer.

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